Parvana Plot Summary

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Parvana Plot Summary

Welcome to the Parvana plot summary!

The book ‘Parvana’ is highly recommended by 8B:

· The Taliban takes Parvana’s dad away.
· Parvana and her mum go to the prison where her dad is being held and try to take him home, but they can’t.

· Mum has a breakdown and becomes depressed.
· The family runs out of food.
· While running from the Taliban with food, Parvana meets Mrs. Weera, her mother's friend.

· Parvana is pressured by her family to disguise herself as a boy.
· She gets a job reading and writing letters.
· Parvana meets her old school friend, Shauzia, who is also disguised as a boy.
· Parvana and Shauzia go grave digging hoping to raise more money for the family.
· With the money they buy cigarettes and gum which they place on trays to sell at the market.
· Parvana and Shauzia go to the main stadium to sell their goods and instead of finding a game they see thieves getting their hands chopped off.
· Parvana gets worried about her father and hopes he is alright.
· When Parvana returns home her sister Nooria announces that she is getting married.
· Parvana’s family go to Mazar with Nooria, but leave Parvana behind with Mrs. Weera.
· In a storm one day Parvana finds a girl, called Homa,crying in an abandoned building.

· Parvana takes Homa home and she explains why she is so upset and alone.
· Parvana gets worried that her family might be in danger.
· A couple of days later Parvana’s father arrives home from prison.
· Parvana and her father go off to find their family.

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